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SEND Transition

We recognise that transitions can be difficult for a child with SEND so we take steps to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible. Links with our feeder and transfer schools are very good due to our close liaison with these schools.


Year 6 Transition

Staff from the school which pupils are transferring to are invited to all review meetings in the year prior to their end of Key Stage 2 to 3 transition. This ensures that staff become aware of the needs of our pupils and can make adequate arrangements in readiness for the transition of pupils. The SENDCo will have dedicated meetings with secondary school SENDCos to ensure they have all relevant information to support effective transition. Staff from the secondary schools also spend time in our school familiarising themselves with individual needs. Pupils also participate in the transition arrangements of our secondary schools, which includes for some children, additional activities with the transition school which the child will be transferring to the following academic year.


Year 2 Transition

Prior to pupils from infant schools joining us, we will liaise with the previous school to establish which of the pupils who are progressing to year 3 are on their SEND register. This information will be collated by the SENDCo in order to draw up the SEND register for the year 3 classes in the first instance. In addition to this we have a transition programme in place to further support those children with SEND needs. The SENDCo will meet with SENDCos from feeder schools early in the academic year prior to children joining us. This allows for an extended transition plan to be created where necessary. The SENCo will also attend all relevant review meetings in the year prior to their key stage transition.


In School Transition

In school transition between year groups and classes is also highly supported. The SENDCo ensures that new class teaching teams are aware of those children on the SEND register and are familiar with their individual support plans and needs. Staff will make contact with these children in order to build up relationships and to begin seeking additional support in order to meet their needs as staff working with them in the next academic year.

For pupils who transfer mid-year or out of the area the SENDCo will pursue relevant information and offer additional support where appropriate.