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Meet The Staff

Below you will find a list of our staffing structure and their roles and responsibilities:


 Mrs J Cooper


Mrs R Lambert 


Miss R Trow 

Mrs J Cooper  Head Teacher: Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teaching and Learning Lead, Assessment Lead, Curriculum Lead, Health and Safety Lead, Premiums Lead, Attendance Lead, Designated Lead for Children Looked After

Mrs R Lambert – Deputy Head Teacher: Safeguarding Team, SENDCo, Behaviour and Inclusion Lead, Senior Mental Health Lead, Phonics and Early Reading Lead, Maths Lead, Curriculum Lead, OPAL Lead, ECT Mentor

Miss R Trow – Assistant Head Teacher: Safeguarding Team, English Lead, Phonics and Early Reading Lead, Curriculum Lead, RRSA Lead, PSHE Lead, RSHE Lead, GDPR Lead


Teaching Staff


Year 3 Team

Mrs E Foster    Mrs D Alderson    Mrs V Lockey  

 Miss G Hall

Mrs H Reeves

  • Mrs E Foster – Year 3 Teacher, Modern Foreign Languages Lead, PE Lead
  • Mrs D Alderson – Year 3 Teacher, Computing Lead, Online Safety Lead
  • Mrs V Lockey - Year 3 HLTA
  • Miss G Hall – Year 3 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs H Reeves - Year 3 HLTA

Year 4 Team


 Mrs A Farlow


Miss F Robson   Miss S Thurlbeck  Mrs J Cummins
  • Mrs A Farlow – Year 4 Teacher, RE Lead
  • Miss F Robson – Year 4 Teacher, Geography Lead and History Lead
  • Miss S Thurlbeck - Year 4 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs J Cummins - Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team


Mrs M Sheppard 


Mr C Ball    Miss A Ritson Mrs A Rogers
  • Mrs M Sheppard – Year 5 Teacher, Science Lead
  • Mr C Ball – Year 5 Teacher, Careers Lead
  • Miss A Ritson - Year 5 HLTA
  • Mrs A Rogers - Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Team


Miss R Trow


Mrs S Bennett    Mrs L Boyd    Mrs K Nicholson
  • Miss R Trow – Assistant Head Teacher
  • Mrs S Bennett – Year 6 Teacher, Art Lead and Music Lead (maternity leave)
  • Mr P Tucker - Year 6 Teacher
  • Mrs L Boyd - Year 6 HLTA
  • Mrs K Nicholson - Year 6 HLTA

Staff working across school


Miss M Bonas


 Mrs Nova Talbot



  • Miss M Bonas – Dragonfly Group Teacher, DT Lead
  • Nova Talbot – Positive Futures Worker, Attendance Lead, Safeguarding Team, Healthy Relationships Lead, Young Carers Lead, Attendance

Non-Teaching Staff

Miss C Rispin    Mrs S Falls   Mr C Raw   

 Mrs C Brabban 


 Mrs J Stephens 


Mrs D Williamson    Miss K Simpson   
  • Miss C Rispin - Office Manager
  • Mrs S Falls – Office Administrator
  • Mr C Raw – Caretaker
  • Mrs C Brabban – Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs J Stephens – Lunchtime Supervisor and Auxiliary
  • Mrs D Williamson – Auxiliary
  • Miss K Simpson – Auxiliary