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Achievements & Celebrations

Core Values

We pride ourselves on our motto ‘Being the Best We Can Be’ and underpinning this motto we have the 6 core values of determination, passion, self-belief, teamwork, honesty and respect.

The values, ethos and school motto mean that we work together with our children, governors, staff, visitors and families to ensure that all children in our school reach their full potential. We look forward to your support and cooperation in the future, to help us develop your child into a lifelong independent learner. Together we can support and nurture our children to be “the best they can be”.


Children are rewarded with certificates when they positively demonstrate core values within their learning, behaviour and attitude. These could be recognised within the classroom, the corridors, at break times, lunch times, visits – everything to do with school and at all times!

Gold Stars

Children are awarded a gold star for every 3 certificates they have achieved. Following this they are given a special reward for achieving 9 certificates and are then awarded a further reward once they achieve a total of 18 certificates. Children wear gold stars on their uniform with pride.

 Celebration Assembly

We all look forward to Friday morning assembly when we come together to celebrate our achievements throughout the previous week. We celebrate successes and achievements from in and outside of school. We also hear about the achievements of the sports teams. Some children come and demonstrate their talents for us. Certificates and gold star awards are given out within Celebration Assembly. These celebrations are recorded on the weekly newsletter to share with families and friends.